Protecting IP Assets with Blockchain Technology


.Protection of Copyrights, trade secrets and contract documentation

Ensure Confidentiality and Authenticity of Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Contracts

The frequency of legal disputes involving intellectual property and the need to safeguard business secrets are continually rising.



Secure Your Intellectual Property with Our White-Label Blockchain Legal Tech Solution

iptrezor is an application that provides a straightforward and user-friendly LegalTech resolution for constructing tamper-proof and lawfully secure organizational, administrative, and developmental processes. It modernizes the way process chains and collaborative work are handled, enabling accessibility even beyond company borders.

You can install the application on local servers as an on-premises alternative or choose the cloud-hosted edition.

Identity access management utilizing decentralized identifiers

Creation and authentication of certificates and evidence

Documentation for business units

Timestamping on the blockchain

Recordkeeping and logging of events

Management of different versions

Concealment of sensitive information

Protection of data integrity

Verified Priority with Trusted Blockchain Timestamping

Any digital asset can be verified as existing through timestamping on a blockchain. A tamper-proof blockchain timestamp can confirm that documents existed at a specific time and were not altered.

With documentation of the entire process, you can generate admissible evidence in court and take necessary measures to safeguard and record your digital assets, documents, or files.

Identity Access Management with DIDs

The Identity Access Management (IAM) solution, integrated within the iptrezor platform, employs decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs) for authentication. The system automatically assigns a DID to each participating entity, whether it be users, devices, or projects.

A unique DID is assigned to each entity

Verification of each entity's identity is unique.

You have control and management of the attributes transmitted in the proof.


USP of iptrezor

iptrezor's unique selling proposition (USP) lies in the inclusion of temporal and forensic verifiability of the following metadata in its certificates:

Authorization status of users and devices

Description of projects

Authors and owners of projects

Identity of users

Identity of devices

Project identification

Versioning identification

Files and documents

Names of files

Uploader identity

Sealer identity

Versioning ID


File names



“iptrezor presents a novel prospect for practically applying the technical and organizational measures necessary for safeguarding trade secrets from a legal standpoint.

Breakdown of iptrezor's Offerings

Core Application of iptrezor


Administration Interface

In the admin panel, you can generate and manage users/devices, groups, and projects. The dashboard provides a concise and detailed snapshot of business units and audit logs.


User Interface

Via the user interface, users can access their projects and files. Access to platform data and content is granted exclusively through the administrator you designate.


Secure Project Status

Through the project details page, authorized users can upload and modify files and secure the current project status. This action hashes the saved files and other project-related metadata. This hash value is recorded on the blockchain, using a timestamp that is admissible in court. The resulting certificates can be downloaded.

Evidence-Validation Tools


Verified Security

The "Proof Generator" and "Proof Inspector" tools, which are included in the iptrezor proof tools, are web applications that can be customized with the company's branding (white label). These open-source software tools provide the maximum level of transparency for experts in the event of a cryptographic proofing dispute (


Proof Generator

The Proof Generator tool integrated into the system allows you to create cryptographically valid proof from your certificate that can be used in court. You can select the content and information you want to display from the certificate, and the system automatically masks sensitive data. This innovative method ensures that sensitive information is not unnecessarily exposed without compromising verifiability.


Proof Inspector

With the "Proof Inspector" tool integrated into the system, you can demonstrate the proof previously generated with the selected information to a third party, such as the court.

iptrezor guarantees the coherence, completeness, and audibility of digital information from all participants by utilizing decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and timestamps for all types of business processes.

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We are dedicated to deliver real use Legal Tech solution of blockchain technology.
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